An Uncertain Currency
Softcover     $14.95     ISBN 0-9661072-7-6

Clyde Lynwood Sawyer,Jr. grew up in the south and co-founded the underground paper, The Inquisition.  He graduated college with a degree in organic chemistry, then promoted concerts, worked in a flour mill and at The Charlotte Observer.  Sawyer's works include The Tattered Rose, Ellery Queen's 500th First Mystery, and Alien Space Avenger, the world's last three-strip Technicolor film, as well as stories in various literary magazines.  He divides his time between New York, India and West Sussex, U.K.
Frances Witlin (1918-1996) was born in New Jersey.  She wrote confessional and western pulps before assisting literary agent Carl Cowl, editing novels and "play doctoring" Broadway and Off-Broadway scripts, including The Silver Whistle, The Moon is Blue and Bruno and Sidney.  While employed by the Columbia Pictures Eastern Story Department, Frances wrote over one hundred synopses and treatments, among them Bridge Over The River Kwai, Doctor Zhivago and The Last Angry Man.  
Frances was an independent Trotskiest with pacifist-anarchist tendencies who believed that the artist is at the cutting edge of history.

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