Water Music
a novel by Melanie Kershaw
ISBN 0-9705049-7-7
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Water Music tells the story of Fanny Rider, a happily married mother of two and owner of her own small business whose hard-won contentment and sanity are threatened when, out of the blue, she receives a letter from the daughter she abandoned many years before. Fanny leaves her family and travels to Hong Kong, where she searches the past and the present for answers to the question of whether she can forge some relationship with the three children, now young adults, she left behind and with her own past.
She explores the once-beautiful, now-decrepit house called Water Music on the South China Sea where she had lived as the young wife of a British diplomat, until the oppressive demands of that life strained her mental health, and the rumored presence of spirits from Water Music's World War II occupation pushed her farther. She struggles, alone, to know if her first three children can forgive her for leaving, if her second family will forgive her for keeping such a terrible secret, and if she can ever forgive herself for it all. Was she mad, as the doctors believed, or just selfish, as her husband and mother claimed? Among its other riches, the novel explores the exotic Buddhist exorcism of the fabulous, but ill-fated Water Music and the descriptions of the differences Fanny finds in Hong Kong of the 1960s and Hong Kong of the late 1990s. It is also a careful exploration of women's roles -- how far can a mother go to save her own life?

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