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Matty Madrid Crime Thrillers by  P. J. Grady
Maximum Insecurity     ISBN 0-9661072-4-1
Deadly Sin    ISBN 0-9705049-0-X
Softcover      $12.95       
A cousin by marriage of outlaws Frank and Jesse James, P. J. Grady was born and raised in Missouri, a stone's throw from "Jefftown," the state penitentiary.
She's worked at the Santa Fe Opera, state District Court, the Public Defender's Department, the Roundhouse (state capitol), and the Missouri Psychiatric Institute.   She's been a paralegal, a secretary, a story teller, a columnist, an editor, a researcher, a proofreader, a teacher, a serigrapher, a cartoonist, a graphics artist, a temp, a stock clerk and a librarian.
P .J. Grady lives in the high desert near Santa Fe with her husband, John, and their son, Christopher.  She teaches Latin and ancient history at Santa Fe Prep.  Weekends, she sings alto and plays guitar in a trilingual church choir. 


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