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Deadly Sin
A Matty Madrid Crime Thriller
by P. J. Grady

ISBN 0-9705049-0-X


     When a priceless religious artefact, a 150-year-old statue of San Miguel, is stolen from a village church, the parish priest asks Santa Fe PI Matty Madrid to investigate. The santo must be returned before the traditional Good Friday pilgrimage to the Santuario at Chimayó. Father Nick also asks her to look into anonymous letters wealthy Dionne Delahey Quigley’s received, letters revealing the glamorous Dionne’s illicit love affair with­Father Nick.In no time at all, the priest’s in jail, charged with the murder of his lover. The "godfather" of Colorado’s Front Range is in town for an interview with a papal count. Frankie Ferra is about to receive the Vatican’s coveted Golden Rose for his service to Dextera Dei, a secret organization of Catholic laymen. Dionne’s grieving husband is a fellow member, and the don will stop at nothing to help a brother. So, Matty has to deal with the mob boss and his neurotic girlfriend, Dionne’s family (which put the "dys" in dysfunctional), a papal count who reads Dashiell Hammett, an old boyfriend doing five to ten and a new one with very itchy feet, a smart-mouthed kid from Texas, a couple of suits, soup kitchen volunteers, "urban campers," and a killer who’ll stop at nothing, not even the murder of Matty Madrid. And all the while, her heart is breaking.

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