Blind Belief
A Katlin LaMar Mystery
by Sherri L. Board
ISBN 0-9705049-6-9    softcover      $12.95
Katlin LaMar, an Orange County Probation Officer assigned to the Gang Violence Suppression Unit has a sense of foreboding when she answers a cry for help.  Katlin discovers a dying woman, whom she instantly recognizes as Maria Esparza, the mother of Miguel "Mooch" Esparza, the young boy being detained for the murder of Katlin's godson.  Maria's dying word, "Todopodenso," sets into motion a tale of intrigue, deceit, and violence.  The motive for Maria's murder eludes Katlin as she asks herself - was it a random act of violence?  Gang retaliation?  Or is it related to the trafficking of black-tar heroin.  This mystery combines character exploration with the gritty detail of the police procedural.

“With BLIND BELIEF, Sherri L. Board establishes herself as a rising star in the hard-boiled mystery genre. This powerful novel features probation officer Katlin LaMar, an enigmatic woman more fearless in her harrowing job than her personal relationships. Set amidst the extremes of Orange County, California, Board adeptly takes us from its grittiest gangland to the haunts of its high-flying rich, skillfully revealing the roots of degradation and deception both worlds share. If you like Harry Bosch, you’ll love Katlin LaMar.”

—Kris Neri, author of the Agatha, Anthony
and Macavity Award-nominated Tracy Eaton mysteries

  “BLIND BELIEF comes at you with all the power of a psycho swinging a baseball bat. Author Board shows a startling depth of understanding as she slides her characters down the razor’s edge of humanity’s dark side. BLIND BELIEF is a hot read. Make sure the pages don’t singe your fingers.”

—Paul Bishop, LAPD Detective
Author of the Fey Coaker LAPD crime novels

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