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Old as seawater.  And the dream as large as a sea.
We dream like that.  And longer than that.  Wider.
And hear the sound of bleak bells like flat stone
on flat stone.  We stand -- our hands are empty
and the floor is steep, the floor is a deep sea
with fish like stones who call like bells.  Like
brittle bells.  And the song is running water.
And the water is rising. 

And the prison we choose
is narrow, and we swear we never dreamed those walls.
So the way the light breaks out from the night
is how we break away, how we carry our lives
like a sack or a sadness -- and we are just a river;
the water is sweet is shallow is slow but the dream
is dark and smoky, like a woman's hair let down. 
It winds like that.

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