Letha Albright has worked at newspapers, in a sawmill and as a wilderness guide. Since 1989, she has been the editor of School & Community, a magazine for Missouri teachers. She earned an undergraduate degree in psychology in Oklahoma and a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri. Albright lives in Columbia, Missouri, with her husband, two children and a cat. In her free time, she climbs rocks and hikes. Albright lived in Cherokee County, Oklahoma, the setting of her books, for eight years. The first Viv Powers mystery, Tulsa Time, was highly praised.


Daredevil's Apprentice
ISBN 0-9705049-4-2
Original Trade Paperback  $12.95  

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Bad Luck Woman
ISBN 0-9725078-5-X
Hardcover  $24.95 304 pages

ISBN 978-0-9725078-7-5
Original Trade Paperback
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