A Novel by
Letha Albright

ISBN 978-0-9725078-7-5

October, 2007

also see Daredevil's Apprentice
and Bad Luck Woman

During the Great Depression a desperate woman turns to crime in order to raise the money to find her stolen child. With the help of an old cowboy, a naive auto mechanic and her scheming 15-year-old niece, Virginia Crow robs a bank, hijacks an armored car, and finds far more trouble than she bargained for.

"With authenticity of voice and detail, Letha Albright vividly evokes the era of Pretty Boy Floyd and Bonnie and Clyde. Bed of Stone is a compelling narrative of bootleggers, bandits, and a good woman driven by desperation and love into a life she never expected."
—Rilla Askew, author of Harpsong and Fire in Beulah

In Bed of Stone, Letha Albright displays the virtues of a classic storyteller, utilizing simple, sturdy sentences in service of a forceful narrative. A pleasure.
—Daniel Woodrell, author of Winter’s Bone and Ride With the Devil


Praise for Letha Albright’s Viv Powers series

"Flawlessly plotted, seamlessly written … far more compelling than any Grisham novel."
— St. Louis Post Dispatch

"Rich, believable characters in a gorgeous, unusual setting."
— Detroit Free Press

"High-powered plot … exquisite writing"
— Midwest Book Review

"Tightly written, compact and powerful"
— Mystery News

"A stellar murder mystery, peopled with complex characters … a powerful and compelling narrative voice."
— Foreword Magazine

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