A Luanne Fogarty Mystery

by Glynn Marsh Alam

ISBN 978-0-9725078-8-2

Trade Paperback      Fall 2007

Green Water Ghost is the sixth in the Luanne Fogarty series of spine-tingling swamp noir mysteries set in the springs and underwater caves of northern Florida where Luanne, a linguistics professor, serves as adjunct scuba diver for the sheriff’s department.  

            It’s Halloween in the north Florida woods and Luanne Fogarty finds brand-new bones along with the old in an abandoned slave graveyard.  An antebellum discord simmers into the present day and Luanne’s college students are up to ghoulish tricks.  She dives in slime-covered ponds and navigates folk legends with the help of forensics. The Southern past rarely stays buried long in the swamp.

"Glynn Marsh Alam presents a side of Florida few tourists see: a dark place where everyone has secrets.  The physical picture she paints is so realistic, readers’ hair will frizz up or go limp in the humidity, and they’ll get a creepy-crawly feeling from her description of the creatures that inhabit the area.  Luanne Fogarty is a great heroine… gutsy with a soft side… and the secondary characters most intriguing,.  I particularly liked Pasquin, Luanne’s neighbor, who wants her to hurry up and marry Vernon, her current love interest and fellow diver."
    Diana Vickery, Mystery Scene

“Gators, bottomless caves, mucky sinkholes, blood-sucking mosquitoes and drippy humidity come together in a Florida swamp to provide the perfect eerie elements for murder…. The story lines flow like the Palmetto River, which hides another world beneath its smooth surface.”
    Dawn Goldsmith

“Inventive, stylish…manages to bring to life yet another part of Florida’s seemingly endless killing grounds: the deep and cold freshwater springs of the northern part of the state….”

— Dick Adler, The Chicago Tribune


 "Alam's novels are thoroughly enjoyable.  They offer, in addition to a good read, a fascinating look at the swampland of northern Florida and the world of diving in mysterious rivers and bottomless caves."
    Lauren Haney, author of the Lieutenant Bak ancient Egyptian mysteries

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